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Solutions to Prelim Exams (Updated 23 September 2021)

Solutions may not all be correct. If you find something wrong, you're encouraged to send a correct solution, or at least what's wrong and why.


Greg DePaul put together these excellent notes on the the material covered on the exam

The department posts previous exams on this page

Kyle Chickering has combined many of the previous exams (2009-2019) into a single file

Jeff Anderson led a project in 2011 to compile solutions to most of the previous exams. This file contains those solutions as well as some tips and references.

Here are some preliminary exam solutions by Jeff Irion and Ryan Halabi:

Prelim Solutions

Kyle Chickering posted solutions to various exams given between 2012 and 2020:

Analysis Prelim Solutions

Greg DePaul also helped develop printable flashcards in order to prepare for the exam:

Greg DePaul's Analysis Flashcards

Applied Math

Here is a condensed set of notes which should help cover the first two-thirds of the exam, submitted by Greg DePaul:

Spring 2020 through ~Spring 2015, by Kayden Mimmack, Qianhui Wan, and Jorge Arroyo:

The following is a collection of solutions written and compiled by David Haley. Most of the solutions are complete, although the work is very rough and lacks some detail.

Also Greg DePaul developed a useful tool for visualizing 1D, 2D, and 3D dynamical systems using MATLAB and the SYMS library. You need to have a departmental license installation of MATLAB to run (or your own copy of SYMS):


We have a list of notes which should help those give an idea as to the content which can be seen on the exam, typed by Greg DePaul:

Note: the prelim exam sometimes includes Representation Theory; Homological Algebra is not included in the Algebra Prelim Syllabus

Matt Litmam, Wencin Poh, and a mysterious El Tigre have also worked together to provide solutions for past Algebra Prelims:


Material is in the process of being developed. Here are some notes from courses students have taken:

Problem Books in Math

Some students find it useful to work through batteries of problems with solutions in order to prepare for examinations. Here are some problem books curated by subject. Hope people find these as useful as I did.

Problem Books

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