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Galois Group Tutoring Fundraiser

Sunday, March 15th, 2020, 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM in MSB 1147 (CANCELLED)


The Galois Group tutoring fundraiser is a quarterly event offering tutoring help in calculus courses. Much in the spirit of Calculus Room, we provide practice finals and answer questions that you may have as you prepare for your final exams. You may come and try these practice finals, clarify doubts, ask for explanations and study together with your peers. In return, we appreciate a suggested donation of $10 (per day) for the whole day's worth of tutoring help.


In light of the current situation with COVID-19, we have decided that it is best to cancel the tutoring fundraiser to lessen the likelihood of catching or spreading the flu. Interested students can either get tutoring help from their respective TAs or engage in online discussions or virtual office hours (such as using Zoom, Google Hangouts, Canvas or Piazza). 

We will resume with future tutoring fundraisers when conditions are more favorable for students to  safely come to crowded areas. Take good care in the meantime.

Tutoring Help Offered

We support calculus tutoring, specifically in the following courses:

MAT 12
MAT 16A, MAT 16B, MAT 16C
MAT 17A, MAT 17B, MAT 17C
MAT 21A, MAT 21B, MAT 21C, MAT 21D

We may consider offering tutoring help for other courses, subject to sufficient demand and availability of TAs. Write to the organizers if you need think there is a need for such help.

Schedule of Tutoring Help


Students: Why Donate?

Private tutoring, especially just before the final exams can be rather costly. We seek to provide reliable tutoring services at a more affordable rate, while providing sufficient space and arranging the logistics and manpower to do so, at your convenience. Some of these services does incur costs which we hope to cover. Furthermore, the TAs who sign up to help out are doing so outside of their usual working hours for each day of the tutoring event, so donating will help us fund our graduate group activities (see below) and maintain the continuity of future tutoring events.

TAs: Why Help?

The donations obtained from the fundraiser is used to provide social/travel funds, fund workshops, SIAM activities, dissertation writing group, Faculty Research Seminar series, purchase food for prelim exams/postlim parties, etc. Furthermore, your involvement will help reassure students as they prepare for their finals by strengthening their grasp of concepts. Snacks, coffee and tea will be provided throughout each day of tutoring. If you are available and willing to help us out, stay tuned for our email updates and sign in on the Google Sheets provided.


Check out (gg_fundraiser_winter_2020.pdf for details of the fundraiser.

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