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UC Davis Mathematics

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Looking for the reimbursement form? It's here:

About the Galois Group:

If you are a UC Davis Math Grad Student, then you are a member of the Galois Group. We call the Galois Group “the official voice of the graduate students.” Gal(UCD) is how we collectively communicate with the department faculty and staff. With grad student input, we've equalized teaching loads and changed the prelim date. We also coordinate and facilitate various activities, such as Monthly Game Nights and New Student Welcomes.

We are officially a subgroup of GSA, the campus-wide Graduate Student Association, which is responsible for representing all grad students. They sponsor Welcome Week events and handle grievances with the University. We have four official representatives of the Math Department at their monthly meetings.

The Galois Group was founded in the 1970s with the intent of providing UC Davis Math Grad Students a collective voice when dealing with the UC Davis Math Dept. Since then the group has served as mediator in resolving disputes ranging from TA workload to departmental support issues.

Please talk to us! Tell us what you think about the Math Department. You can reach the Galois Group president at

We also have a Facebook group for informal discussion.

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