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Galois Service Award

The Galois Service Award is given annually to a faculty or staff member in recognition of their excellent service to UC Davis graduate students in Math and Applied Math.

Past winners include:

  • 2021: Laura Starkston (Assistant Professor, Mathematics);
  • 2020: Becca Thomases (Associate Professor, Mathematics); Special recognition to Tina Denena for winning the GSA's AESGS
  • 2019: Matthew Silver (Academic Personnel Coordinator)
  • 2018: Tina Denena (Business Officer)
  • 2017: Stephanie Myers (Student Services Assistant)
  • 2016: Sarah Driver (Graduate Programs Coordinator)
  • 2015: Becca Thomases (Associate Professor, Mathematics)
  • 2014: Tina Denena (Business Officer)
  • 2013: Perry Gee (Staff Student Adviser)
  • 2012: Naoki Saito (GGAM chair)
  • 2011: Monica Vazirani (Associate Professor, Mathematics)
  • 2010: Jesus de Loera (VIGRE Committee)
  • 2009: Tina Denena (Business Manager)
  • 2008: Perry Gee (Staff Student Adviser)
  • 2007: Tim Lewis (the faculty advisor for Explore Math); Special recognition to Jesus De Loera for winning the GSA's AESGS
  • 2006: Jessica Potts (Supervise business staff, Manager of all internal funds, academic, staff, and student payroll, COSMOS Budget Officer)
  • 2005: Richard Edmiston (the Business Manager for external funds, grants and contracts)
  • 2004: Joel Hass (the former Vice Chair for Graduate Affairs)
  • 2003: Bruno Nachtergaele (the former GGAM Chair)
  • 2002: Celia Davis (Graduate Coordinator)
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