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Departmental Tea

When: During Fall 2018 tea will be held from 2:00 to 3:00 every Tuesday, unless otherwise announced

Where: Alder Room

Who: All Math Department members and visitors to the department, including faculty, lecturers, post-docs, staff, and graduate students

What: Complimentary tea, coffee, and other light refreshments–a perfect setting to socialize with fellow Department members!

The Math Department sponsors this weekly social event, during which a member of the department brings snacks to share and the Galois Group provides beverages. Please join us for this fun event (with free food).

The volunteer for the week is responsible for preparing or purchasing light refreshments (not including beverages) for 40-50 people and bringing them to campus with a receipt. Everything else is handled by the tea coordinators.

Suggestions for tea snacks: cookies or muffins, crackers or pita with dips, veggies and fruits, mini sandwiches, popcorn or pretzels or chips.

If you are interested in volunteering to be a sponsor, please directly contact the Dept Tea Coordinators Brett Leroux and Nicholas Roberts The department will reimburse up to $45 of your expenses.

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