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UC Davis Area Transportation


    • Driving directions: Take 113 North to Woodland. Then take I-5 South from Woodland. You will then want to take the SAC International Airport exit and follow the posted road signs. Total distance: 20 miles, a little over 25 minutes (depending on how you drive).
    • Parking: No less then $7.00 /day.
    • Davis Airporter provides discounted round-trip airport transportation for UC Davis Students.
    • YOLOBUS Route 42 also goes to the Sacramento Airport.
    • BART is the best way to get to SFO once you're already in the Bay Area.
    • Amtrak is the probably the best way to get to the Bay Area (short of driving there). To get to SFO, take Amtrak to the Richmond, CA, station, and from there take Bart to SFO.


There is a train station located at 840 2nd St. in Davis, CA. The Amtrak services provided are:

  • California Zephyr : Chicago, IL - Emeryville, CA - San Francisco, CA
  • Capitol Corridor : Auburn, CA - Sacramento, CA - Oakland,CA - San Jose, CA (with 22 trips daily between Sacramento and the Bay Area)
  • Coast Starlight : Seattle, WA - Portland, OR - Oakland, CA - Los Angeles, CA

Tips for using the Train:

  • Passengers who will be parking at the Davis Station for more than 2 hours should get a free permit from the Amtrak station agent.
  • You are allowed to take your bike on the train.
  • It's less expensive if you buy your ticket at the station rather than on the train. Beware of peak hour waiting times.
  • Student Advantage gives you 10% off all Amtrak fares.
  • AAA Membership also gives you 10% off all Amtrak fares.


Many of the riders are UCD students going to and from the campus, but the system is also used extensively for trips to other places in Davis: including downtown, junior and senior high schools, library, hospital, neighborhood shopping centers, medical offices, senior center, theaters, and the Farmers' Market. Buses serve all these places every weekday from 07:00 AM to 11:00 PM and on Saturday from 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM. Buses run more frequently during the UCD academic year when ridership is higher, and less frequently during the summer and breaks. You can pick up a printed schedule at most public buildings or use the Unitrans Website to get more details.

Anyone can ride Unitrans for a 1-dollar cash fare, and many types of prepaid discounted tickets and passes are available. One special fare category are UCD Undergraduate students, who can show a valid ID instead of a cash fare, because they pay a portion of their quarterly ASUCD fee to Unitrans. The Transitpool program provides graduate students and other university affiliates with passes discounted up to 40%.

YOLOBUS serves Davis, West Sacramento, Winters, Woodland, downtown Sacramento, Sacramento International Airport, Cache Creek Casino, Esparto, Madison and Knights Landing. As an added convenience for their riders, Yolobus makes connections with other local public transportation systems. With connections to Unitrans and Citylink Amtrak in Davis, and Regional Transit and Light Rail in Sacramento, you have a wide range of transportation options.

Fares vary between $1.50 and $2.00 per ride and all buses are equipped with bike racks.

Note: YOLOBUS provides service to and from the airport. The route number is 42.

    • Davis-Berkeley Shuttle: The Intercampus Bus service provides transportation between the University of California Davis and Berkeley campuses for University faculty, staff and registered students. The bus service may not be used for commuting to a place of non-University employment or by non-University personnel. There are two round trips daily, and tickets must be purchased in advance (i.e., they cannot be purchase from the driver). Tickets can be purchased, in Davis, at Freeborn Hall and Dutton Hall. In Berkeley, tickets can be purchased at the UC Berkeley TAPS, located at the corner of Kittredge and Oxford. Tickets cost $5.50 each way. Online reservations are available.
    • UCD/UCDMC Shuttle: The UCD/UCD Medical Center (in Sacramento) Shuttle is a service for persons affiliated with the University of California—this includes faculty, staff, students, interns, volunteers, patients, and visitors. There is a CHARGE for commuting staff, faculty and students to ride the Shuttle either with a one way ticket or a monthly pass purchased in advance. Drivers do not accept cash. Boarding passes are required and must be purchased in advance. Individual One Way Ticket cost $1.00.
  • Sacramento Regional Transit (AKA the Light Rail): Provides service within downtown Sacramento and its outlying areas.


Bikes are the method of transportation of choice in Davis. There are miles of bike paths that will lead you on all sorts of fun adventures. The most important things to remember about biking in Davis are as follows:

  • Even on your bike, you can get a ticket. Thus, obey the laws, including stopping at stop signs and using a light after sunset.
  • Helmets are good and are mandatory for anyone under 18.

For more information visit the UCD Bike Barn.

TAPS: Transportation and Parking Service

Visit the TAPS Website if you would like to purchase a parking permit online.

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