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Graduate Student Funding - Starting a Discussion

Options For Students without Funding Next Year

If you find that you are without funding for one or more quarters, these are your options for continued school enrollment:

Planned Educational Leave Program (PELP)

The Planned Educational Leave Program allows any registered student-undergraduate or graduate-to temporarily suspend academic work at UC Davis. For graduate students the maximum leave is up to one year. Graduate students apply through their departments and professional students apply through their Dean's office. An application fee of $60 is charged to your account when you enroll in the PELP program. While students may receive academic credit at other institutions and transfer this credit to UC Davis (subject to rules concerning transfer credit), participants are reminded that the intent of the program is to suspend academic work. Therefore, students are urged to carefully evaluate the desirability of taking academic work while away from the campus during PELP.

Notes about PELP:

  • WARNING: If you withdraw or break registration without filing for PELP you are not guaranteed readmission; an application for readmission will be subject to the same review as a new application. If readmitted, you must fulfill all programmatic requirements in existence at the quarter of readmission. (from Graduate Studies.
  • PELP affects your GSHIP status: Students who go on PELP and who qualify for a SHIP refund may elect to continue their SHIP coverage for one quarter only. You must apply within five business days of your registration status change. For more information, contact Insurance Services at Cowell Student Health Center (530) 752-6055.
  • Library PELP Services: UC Davis students on Planned Educational Leave (PELP) and UC Davis students making up incompletes may purchase borrowing privileges for $12.50 per 3-month period.

Filing Fee

Filing Fee is a non-registered status available to graduate students who have advanced to candidacy for their degree. Filing Fee status maintains your eligibility to complete your degree while not registered, and within your approved time limitations. You can use this option when all of your courses and research have been completed; your thesis or dissertation is in final draft form or you are ready to take the Master's Comprehensive Examination; and you no longer need to use campus facilities. Forms are available in Graduate Studies or online HERE.

Notes about Filing Fee:

  • Filing Fee affects your GSHIP status: If you establish Filing Fee status in time to qualify for a full SHIP fee refund and cancellation of SHIP coverage, but you wish to remain on SHIP, you may elect to continue your SHIP coverage as a “non-student” for the first quarter of your Filing Fee status only. Your non-student SHIP fee will include the cost of a student health services card so that you may receive services at Cowell Student Health Center at student rates. You must apply for SHIP enrollment as a non-student within five business days of your registration status change.
  • Library Filing Fee Privileges: UC Davis graduate students on Filing Fee may purchase privileges for $12.50 per quarter.

Pay your own Tuition

Notes about Paying your own tuition:

Part Time Status

On a case-by-case basis, the Dean of Graduate Studies can approve graduate students for enrollment as part-time students. Part-time students are limited to no more than six units per quarter. Doctoral students advanced to candidacy are not eligible for part-time status. For more details visit Graduate Studies Graduate Student Handbook.


Notes about Graduation:

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