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Frequently Asked Questions about the Ph.D. Qualifying Exam

(prepared by the UC Davis Galois Group, Janualy 2008)

Question 1: When should a student start preparing for Quals, and how useful is it to spend a significant amount of time reviewing old course materials?

Question 2: How many and what types of questions should students expect from their Qualifying Exam Committee members, both during the student-delivered talk and during the post-talk question session?

Question 3: What should a student have in mind when choosing a committee, and is it appropriate to ask potential committee members what types of questions they might ask?

Question 4: How should a student choose the chair of the committee?

Question 5: What advantages and disadvantages are there to a student's advisor being part of their committee?

Question 6: How in depth should a student's exam syllabus be, what types of sources should be cited, and how much does this depend upon their research area?

Question 7: Is there any general advice that you would give to a student not addressed by any of the above questions?

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