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Galois Group Constitution

The Galois Group is the official organization of the graduate students of the U.C. Davis Mathematics Department.

  1. Ordered List ItemAll graduate students in mathematics at UCD are automatically members of the Galois Group.
  2. Officers shall consist of:
    1. A President,
    2. A Graduate Program Committee Representative,
    3. A Graduate Student Assembly Representative,
    4. An Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Representative,
    5. Such temporary appointments as the President shall make, the duration of said appointments not to exceed the President's term of office.
  3. Officers other than the Presidential appointees are elected to terms of one year. Elections are conducted by mail ballot during the Spring Quarter and may be held at any time except the first week of classes and finals' week. The President must announce the election at least one week beforehand and request nominations for officers. Nominations may be submitted to the President in writing until the day before the election, and may be submitted verbally at any meeting called during this nomination period. A plurality of ballots cast is sufficient for election to office; ties are broken by a runoff election. The winners assume the office upon completion of the vote tally.
  4. Qualifications and Duties of Officers:
    1. The President is responsible for the conduct of the meetings and elections. The President fills, by appointment, any vacancies in the offices of the Galois Group or any new position which may arise. By invitation of the Department, the President attends meetings of the Chairman's Advisory Committee.
    2. By invitation of the Department, the Graduate Program Committee Representative serves on the Graduate Program Committee. The GPC Representative provides the GPC with the views of the Department's graduate students and informs the graduate students of such proceedings of the GPC as the GPC may direct or permit. The Graduate Program Committee Representative must have been advanced to candidacy prior to election or appointment to office.
    3. The Graduate Student Assembly Representative attends meetings of the Graduate Student Assembly on behalf of the members of the Galois Group. The GSA Representative represents the views of the Group and reports to the Group on the preceedings of the GSA.
    4. The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Representative attends the meetings of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee by invitation of the Department. The UGCC Representative represents the views of the Group and reports to the Group on the proceedings of the UGCC.
  5. Meetings: The President may call a meeting at any time. At the request of five members, the President must call a meeting within one week. Meetings must be announced by the delivery of a notice to each member's mailbox or e-mail address. A quorum shall consist of five members. Decisions of the meeting are made by majority vote. Each member has one vote, except that the President may break ties. Members may cast votes on behalf of absent members if they exhibit the absentee's written proxies.
  6. Mail Ballots: The President may call a mail ballot at any time. Any issue must be submitted to a vote by mail ballot within one week of a request by five members. A ballot must be delivered to each member's box and each member must be permitted at least three working days to return the ballot. The results of a mail ballot take precedence over Presidential rulings and decisions of Group meetings.
  7. Recall of Officers: An elected officer may be recalled by a two-third majority of votes cast in a mail ballot. An appointed officer may be recalled by a simple majority of votes cast.
  8. Should the office of President fall vacant, the GPC Representative becomes President. If the office of GPC Representative is also vacant, special elections to fill all vacancies may be conducted by an ad hoc committee of five members.
  9. This constitution may be amended only by a two-thirds majority of votes cast in a mail ballot.

(Adopted 2/16/78)

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