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Finding an Advisor

Finding an advisor can be a lot of work.

Here is what the graduate council has to say about the advisee/advisor relationship: Mentoring Guidelines

In the process of finding this person, it can help to reflect upon what you hope or think the grad school experience should entail, and gauge potential advisors using these things as a guide. This document will talk about finding an advisor in the context of the following ideas:

  • Grad school should involve working on interesting stuff—ideally, stuff that is both interesting to you and to other people.
  • Grad school can serve as preparation for a job doing this interesting stuff.
  • Finally, none of this is possible unless you retain your sanity throughout grad school.

This last item is a bit tongue-in-cheek, but it is true that grad school can be very trying at times—but not all the time! It's important to reduce any sources of anxiety that you can. Stress is an unavoidable part of life sometimes, but it's equally important to increase your productivity/overall health as a grad student in any way that you can.

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