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Student Algebraic Geometry Seminar


Information can be found at Math department courses webpage and the UC Davis Math Dept's Seminar Page.


Talks will conceivably cover a broad spectrum, but in general, we envision not-too-technical talks emphasizing ideas. Talks are by students for students, but everyone is welcome.

If you would like to give a talk, but on a very introductory level, you may want to consider the pure/applied grad seminar. That seminar has a general audience, while the audience for this seminar can be assumed to have familiarity with some algebraic topology and manifold theory.

Schedule Information

The schedule is available through the math department's seminars webpage. You can also look at past talks.

Possible Seminar Topics

Anybody is welcome to talk about mathematics related to Algebraic Geometry.

The list below may be helpful in your search for a topic. Some items are specific talk ideas while others are keywords to look up and investigate, e.g. using MathSciNet. There are varying levels of expected difficulty, although each topic can really be taken in deep directions. Please email the organizers with any suggestions for this list.

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