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 +(sponsored by the Galois Group)
 +[Day of Week], [Exact Date in "​Month,​ Day Year" Format"​]
 +[Time] in [Location]
 +This workshop will be of interest to anyone who has not yet passed their
 +Qualifying Exam. First year students are especially encouraged to attend.
 +[Start Time]-[End Time] GGAM and GPC Student Reps: handouts, basic Quals info
 +[Start Time]-[End Time] Perry Gee will discuss staff support for students
 +[Start Time]-[End Time] Pure Math and GGAM faculty will discuss their view on the
 +qualifying exam and will happily address all student questions
 +Come hear the GGAM and GPC Graduate Student Representatives discuss the
 +purpose of the exam with specific advice regarding studying, scheduling,
 +and stress management.
 +Come hear the Student Advising Assistant, Perry Gee, discuss his role in
 +assisting students with the administrative elements involved.
 +Come hear GGAM and Math Dept faculty members share useful advice on
 +everything from choosing a committee to writing an exam syllabus.
 +Light Refreshments Provided.
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