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 ====== Davis Math Circle ====== ====== Davis Math Circle ======
-Click [[https://​​|HERE]]!+We are a student-run,​ volunteer-based outreach program for NorCal high school and middle school students. Most of our students are currently in 6th-10th grades, but there are younger and older. If you would like to contribute to our organization,​ please contact the current organizer, [[https://​​~brattain/​|Eric Brattain.]] 
 +Our mission is to expose young people to beautiful and intriguing mathematics that is often left out of standard curricula and reserved for math majors at university. We believe that the notion of “levels” in mathematics is often exaggerated and that passionate teachers can bring great concepts to anybody with a desire to learn. As long as a student is familiar with basic algebra, they can learn just about anything that is properly presented. 
 +Click [[https://​​|HERE]] ​for more details.
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