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 +<​p><​h1>​Academic Job Hunting Resources</​h1></​p>​ 
 +<​p><​h2>​Topics include:</​h2></​p>​ 
 +<​li><​a href="​Updated_Dept_Guidelines_LettersofRec08.pdf">​Department Guidelines for Letters of Reference (.pdf)</​a>​ 
 +<​li><​a href="#​ProfDev">​Summary of Notes from Fall 2006 Professional Development Workshop</​a>​ 
 +<​li><​a href="#​overview">​Overview of Academic Job Process</​a>​ 
 +<​li><​a href="#​cv">​Cover Sheet, Cover Letter & Curriculum Vitae</​a>​ 
 +<​li><​a href="#​teach">​Teaching Statement & Teaching Portfolio</​a>​ 
 +<​li><​a href="#​edit">​Editing your Job Packet</​a>​ 
 +<​li><​a href="#​interview">​Interview and Job Negotiation Links</​a>​ 
 +<​li><​a href="#​questions">​Interview Questions we've been asked</​a>​ 
 +<​li><​a href="#​after">​ After you get the job...</​a>​ 
 +<​li><​a href="#​find">​Finding Open Positions</​a>​ 
 +<​li><​a href="#​funds">​Fellowships and Other Funding Opportunities</​a>​ 
 +<​li><​a href="#​resources">​Academic Resources</​a>​ 
 +<​li><​a href="#​undergradinfo">​Finding Information about University Programs</​a>​ 
 +<​p><​h2><​a href="​Updated_Dept_Guidelines_LettersofRec08.pdf">​Department Guidelines for Letters of Reference (.pdf)</​a></​h2></​p>​ 
 +<​p><​a name="​ProfDev"></​a><​h2>​Summary of Notes from Fall 2006 Professional Development Workshop.</​h2>​ 
 +<​ul><​!--<​li>​ Perry Gee:  <a href="​ProfDev/​letters_evals_summary.pdf">​ Letters of Recommendation and Copies of your Teaching Evaluations (.pdf)</​a>​-->​ 
 +<li> Professor Tom Sallee: <a href="​ProfDev/​Sallee_Thoughts.pdf">​ A summary of thoughts on teaching statements (.pdf)</​a>​. ​  
 +<li> Professor Monica Vazirani: <a href="​ProfDev/​Vazirani.pdf">​Teaching Statements and the Broad Overview of Applying for Jobs (.pdf)</​a>​. 
 +<li> Professor Bruno Nachtergaele:​ <a href="​ProfDev/​Nach.pdf">​Introduction to what a research statement is - the highlights of what they are looking for in your statement. (.pdf) </​a>​ 
 +<li> Professor Joseph Biello: <a href="​ProfDev/​Biello.pdf">​Additional highlights for Research Statements and Research Sound Bytes. (.pdf)</​a>​. 
 +<li> Professor Alex Mogilner: <a href="​ProfDev/​Mogilner.pdf">​ Summary of Job Application Packet and Job Application Process. (.pdf)</​a>​ 
 +<​p><​a name="​overview"></​a><​h2>​Overview of Academic Job Process</​h2></​p>​ 
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​​~grizzard/​Personal/​jobsearch.html">​A Longtime Math Grad Student'​s Job Search Experience</​a>​ by Phil Gizzard (2007). 
 +<li> AMS article: <a href="​http://​​notices/​200609/​fea-lewis.pdf">​Tips for the Job Search: Applying for Academic and Postdoctoral Positions (.pdf)</​a>​ by Heather A. Lewis and John S. Caughman 
 +<li> <a href="​http://​​employment/​academic-job-search.html">​The Academic Job Search in Mathematics</​a>​ by Thomas W. Rishel, Mathematical Association of America. 
 +<li> <a href="​http://​​hsu/​jobsearch.html">​Getting a Math Education Job in a Mathematics Department</​a>​ 
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​​~mgsa/​job.html">"​Hints on Getting an Academic Job"</​a>​ by Megumi Harada, UC Berkeley, 2003. 
 +<li> <a href="​http://​​jobs/​news/​1999/​09/​99092402c">​Is the Tenure Path the Best Route for You? </a> By Richard M. Reis 
 +<li> <a href="​http://​​graduate/​index.html#​jobs">​Professional Development Information for Harvard Math Grads</​a>​ 
 +<li> From UCD ICC Workshop, <a href="​ProfDev/​ICC_applyinginterviewing.pdf">​ Applying and Interviewing for Faculty Positions (.pdf)</​a>​ by Kathi Shull. 
 +<li> From UCD PFTF Workshop, <a href="​ProfDev/​PFTF_Gertz.pdf">​Preparing for a Career in Academia (.pdf)</​a>​ by Michael Getz, UCD Computer Science. 
 +<li> From UCD ICC Workshop, <a href="​ProfDev/​ICC_CSUpanel.pdf">​Where To Look \& How to Apply (.pdf)</​a>​ by David Madden, CSU 
 +<li> From UCD ICC Workshop, <a href="​ProfDev/​ICC_panelUOP.pdf">​Careers in 
 +Research Institutions and Professional Schools (.pdf)</​a>​ by Dr. David Thomas, 
 +Universit of the Pacific School of Pharmacy and Health Science. ​ </​ul></​p>​ 
 +<​p><​a name="​cv"></​a><​h2>​Cover Sheet, Cover Letter & Curriculum Vitae</​h2>​ 
 +<​ul><​li><​a href="​http://​​coversheet/">​AMS Cover Sheet</​a>​ 
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​​story/​2006/​9/​28/​8843/​07969">​The Young Mathematician'​s Network "​Developing Your Curriculum Vitae" By kevin charlwood</​a>​ 
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​​od/​cvsamples/​Sample_Curriculum_Vitae.htm">​ Sample CV's </​a>​ 
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​​ASA_TSHS/​mockCV/​ApplyingForJob.pdf">​Tips for Your Curriculum Vitae and Cover Letter from AMSTAT News(.pdf)</​a>​ 
 +<li> The Chronicle of Higher Education, <a href="​http://​​jobs/​news/​2000/​03/​2000030302c/​printable.html">"​The Basics of Cover Letter Writing"</​a>​ BY. Richard M. Reis 
 +<​li>​NOTE:​ UCD takes several weeks to get transcripts,​ so order them in August in time to be able to copy and throw into your packets. ​  
 +<​p><​a name="​teach"></​a><​h2>​ Teaching Statement & Teaching Portfolio</​h2>​ 
 +<​ul><​li>​Speaking of Teaching, <a href="​http://​​Newsletter/​teaching_portfolio.pdf">"​Promoting a Culture of Teaching: The Teaching Portfolio"​ (.pdf)</​a>​ 
 +<li> Speaking of Teaching, <a href="​http://​​Newsletter/​student_writing.pdf">"​Responding to Student Writing"​ (.pdf)</​a>​ 
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​​wasc/​pdfs/​End Note.pdf">​Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education"​ (.pdf)</​a>​ AW Chickering, ZF Gamson, SJ Poulsen - 1987 
 +<li> From <a href="​http://​​TRC/​ta/​SCT/​index.html">​UC Davis Seminar on College Teaching</​a>​ 
 +        <​ul><​li>​ <a href="​ProfDev/​SCT_NancyVanNoteChisem.pdf">​Developing a Philosophy of Teaching Statement (.pdf)</​a>​ by Nancy Van Note Chism. 
 +        <​li><​a href="​ProfDev/​SCT_elementsTeachingStatement.pdf">​Elements of a Teaching Philosophy (.pdf)</​a>​ 
 +        <​li><​a href="​ProfDev/​Coppolla_TeachingStatement.pdf">​Writing a Statement of Teaching Philosophy (.pdf)</​a>​ by Brian P. Coppola 
 +        <​li><​a href="​ProfDev/​SCT_teachingportfolio.pdf">​Building Your Teaching Portfolio (.pdf)</​a>​ 
 +        <​li><​a href="​http://​​notices/​200611/​comm-grundman.pdf">​Writing a Teaching Philosophy Statement</​a>​ by Helen G. Grundman  
 +        <​li><​a href="​ProfDev/​SCT_TeachingObjectives.pdf">​Teaching Objectives, Active Verbs (.pdf)</​a>​ 
 +        </​ul>​ 
 +<li> Tomorrow'​s Professor: <a href="​http://​​Tomprof/​postings/​756.html">​ "Uses and Abuses of Student Ratings"</​a>​ 
 +<​li>​The Young Mathematician'​s Network, <a href="​http://​​story/​2006/​10/​3/​105728/​135">"​Student Evaluations - what's the research say?"</​a>​ 
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​​od/​essaywriting/​a/​DosandDonts.htm">​Personal Statement Dos and Donts</​a>​ 
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​​Tomprof/​postings/​791.html">​Tomorrow'​s Professors: Birthright</​a>​ 
 +<​p><​a name="​edit"></​a><​h2>​Editing your Job Packet</​h2></​p>​ 
 +<​p><​ul><​li><​a href="​http://​​depts/​wcweb/​handouts/​WritingGroups/">​Writing Groups</​a>​ 
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​​writing/​wweb/​finaled.html">​Checklist for a Final Edit</​a>​ 
 +<li> From UCD ICC Workshop, <a href="​ProfDev/​AcademicJobApplicationChecklist.pdf">​Academic Job Application Checklist (.pdf)</​a>​ by Mary Corbin Sies 
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​​cs/​askingforletters/​a/​recletter.htm">​All About Recommendation Letters</​a>​From Tara Kuther, Ph.D. 
 +<​p><​a name="​interview"></​a><​h2>​Interview and Job Negotiation</​h2>​ 
 +<​ul><​li>​ The Chronicle of Higher Education, <a href="​http://​​jobs/​2004/​10/​2004101501c.htm">​ "The Academic Job Interview Revisited"</​a>​ By Mary Dillon Johnson 
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​​~sies/​jobadvice.html">​Academic Job Interview Advice</​a>​ By Mary Corbin Sies. 
 +<li> From UCD ICC Workshop, <a href="​ProfDev/​ICC_applyinginterviewing.pdf">​Applying and Interviewing for Faculty Positions (.pdf)</​a>​ 
 +<li> Tomorrow'​s Professor Msg.#749, <a href="​http://​​Tomprof/​postings/​749.html">​ Campus Interview - The Research Presentation</​a>​ 
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​​jobs/​v45/​i27/​4527person.htm">​My First Job Talk</​a>​ By ROBIN WARNER. 
 +<li> <a href="​http://​">​</​a>​ 
 +<li> 2003 AAEE Job Search Handbook, <a href="​https://​​careers/​PDF/​pre-empguidelines03.pdf">​ Guidelines for Pre-Employment Interview Questions (.pdf)</​a>​ 
 +<li> <a href="​http://​​jobs/​v45/​i21/​4521career.htm">​How To Handle Difficult Interview Questions.</​a>​ 
 +<li> <a href="​http://​​cs/​academicinterview/​a/​acadintask.htm">​ What You'll be Asked During an Academic Job Interview</​a>​ 
 +<li> From UCD PFTF Workshop, <a href="​ProfDev/​interview_Saponara.pdf">​A personal experience of the interview process"</​a>​ by Valeria La Saponara, UC Davis. 
 +<li> From UCD ICC Workshop, <a href="​ProfDev/​icc_questions.pdf">​Questions the applicant should be prepared to Answer and Ask(.pdf)</​a>​ 
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​​cs/​academicsearch/​a/​facint.htm">​What to Ask During an Academic Job Interview</​a>​ 
 +<li> <a href="​http://​​phone_interview_etiquette.html">​Phone Interview Etiquette</​a>​ 
 +<li> Here We Have Idaho, <a href="​ProfDev/​WhenMannersMatter.pdf">"​When Manner'​s Matter"​ Meal Interview Etiquette (.pdf)</​a>​ 
 +<li> AAEE Guide for Prospective Faculty Members. <a href="​http://​​acadadv/​ppfp/​documents/​negotiating-job-offer.pdf">"​Negotiating the Job Offer"​(.pdf) </​a>​by Kevin Harrington, Harvard Graduate School of Education. 
 +<​p><​a name="​questions"></​a><​h2>​Interview Questions we've been asked</​h2>​ 
 +(Almost) Always Asked = "​***"<​br>​ 
 +Frequently Asked = "​**"<​br>​ 
 +<​li>​First-round interview for a teaching-oriented school 
 +<​li>​--General Questions 
 +    <​li>​Why are you interested in this position? *** 
 +    <​li>​What do you know about our college? *** 
 +    <​li>​You'​re really going to leave California? *** 
 +    <​li>​Have you visited our (state/​region) ?  
 +    <​li>​Are you also applying for postdocs? 
 +    <​li>​Would you rather have a postdoc or a tenure-track position? 
 +    <​li>​Do you have any questions for us? *** 
 +    <​li>​Tell me about (this item) on your CV. 
 +    <​li>​How do you know this letter-writer (a friend of the interviewer)?​ 
 +    <​li>​Besides work, what else would you get involved in on our campus? 
 +<​li>​--Teaching Questions 
 +    <​li>​Describe your teaching. ** 
 +    <​li>​What do you like about teaching? 
 +    <​li>​Which of our courses would you want to teach? ** 
 +    <​li>​What courses would you like to teach if there were no restrictions?​ ** 
 +    <​li>​This (teaching activity) you've done at Davis, would you continue it on our campus? 
 +    <​li>​What student research projects would you propose to supervise?​ 
 +    <​li>​What topics would you cover in (an advanced course for undergrads in your field)? 
 +<​li>​--Research Questions 
 +    <​li>​Describe your research. *** 
 +    <​li>​What are your research plans for the next 2-3 years? ​ For the next 5-6 years? 
 +    <​li>​How many papers will come out of your dissertation,​ and what are they? 
 +    <​li>​Is there anyone near our school you could collaborate with? 
 +    <​li>​How would you do research in this isolated setting? 
 +    <​li>​What kinds of research resources (i.e. computing) do you require? *** 
 +    <​li>​Are you ready to do independent research? 
 +<​li>​--Things that make you go "​huh?"​ 
 +    <​li>​Is there anything that would prevent you from coming here? (huh? perhaps trying to ask if I have a 2-body problem?) 
 +<​p><​li>​Interview for a research-oriented postdoc 
 +    <​li>​Many technical questions about research (during and following research talk) 
 +    <​li>​What was your contribution to this paper you co-authored?​ 
 +    <​li>​What are your research plans after your dissertation?​ 
 +    <​li>​Do you think you would fit in here? 
 +<​li>​Interview for a position at a research-oriented industry job (e.g. national lab) 
 +<​li>​Interview for an industry job (e.g. Google) 
 +    <​li>​Most interviews will have two parts: one very technical, the other a 
 +little less so.<​br></​p>​ 
 +<​p>​The less technical part of the interview serves to determine if you 
 +will be a good fit at the company; this is not a euphemism for "​good 
 +enough"​. ​ They want to make sure that you will be satisfied with the 
 +work environment they will provide. ​ Since many (if not most) industry 
 +positions are not precisely defined, it is an opportunity to show your 
 +potential employer what you could do for them that they might not have 
 +considered. ​ If they ask about an topic that you don't have any 
 +experience with, first acknowledge that fact, and go on to talk about 
 +related or similar problems that you have been able to solve. ​ The 
 +most important things to address are: 
 +<​li>​You understand what their product(s) do*** 
 +<​li>​You can meaningfully contribute to their team*** 
 +<​li>​You understand their competition and revenue model** 
 +<​p><​li>​The technical portion of the interview will be used to verify that you 
 +know what you claim to know on your resume.</​p>​ 
 +<​li>​You will be asked to write code on a whiteboard, both pseudo and 
 +syntactically correct *** 
 +<​li>​Know fundamentals of programming:​ pointers and references, data 
 +structures, algorithm run time (big <​code>​O</​code>​) 
 +<​p><​a name="​after"></​a><​h2>​ After you get the job...</​h2>​ 
 +<li> Dr. Evelyn M. Silvia: <a href="​http://​​~emsilvia/​CollegialAdvice/​html/​CollegialAdvice.html">​Collegial Advice for Assistant Professors Hints for Success and Stress Reduction as an Assistant Professor at UC Davis.</​a>​  
 +<li> <a href="​http://​​projnext/">​Project Next (New Experiences in Teaching)</​a>,​ a professional development program for new or recent Ph.D.s in the mathematical sciences.  
 +<li> <a href="​http://​​Tomprof/​postings/​792.html">​Tomorrow'​s Professor Msg.#792 Collegiality:​ The Tenure Track'​s Pandora'​s Box</​a>​ 
 +<li> ASAE <a href="​http://​​imis/​StaticContent/​4/​April_2004/​P_11_12_Faculty.pdf">​ "Tips for First-time Faculty"​ </a> by  Marybeth Lima (.pdf) 
 +<li> AAEE Guide for Prospective Faculty Members. <a href="​ProfDev/​Advice_Heiberger.pdf">​Advice for First-Time Faculty Members (.pdf)</​a>​ by Dr. Mary Morris Heiberger and Julia Miller Vick, University of Pennsylvania. 
 +<li> Anal Bioanal Chem, <a href="​http://​​files/​NAGTWorkshops/​earlycareer/​mabrouk_2006.pdf">​ "​Advice to a New Faculty Member"​ (.pdf) </a> By Patricia Ann Mabrouk 
 +<li> <a href="​http://​​2005/​US/​Careers/​05/​12/​new.grads/​index.html">​Five must-haves for new grads, on http://​</​a>​ 
 +        <​ul><​li><​a href="​http://​​Tomprof/​book.html">​ Preparing for Academic Careers in Science and Engineering</​a>​ by Richard M. Reis, Stanford University. 
 +        <​li><​a href="​http://​​Ph-D-Is-Not-Enough-Survival/​dp/​0201626632">​A Ph.D. Is Not Enough: A Guide to Survival in Science</​a>​ by Peter J. Feibelman. 
 +        <li> <a href="​http://​​Advice-Faculty-Members-Robert-Boice/​dp/​0205281591">​Advice for New Faculty Members</​a>​ by Robert Boice 
 +        <​li><​a href="​http://​​Academics-Handbook-Leigh-Deneef/​dp/​082230807X">​The Academic'​s Handbook</​a>​ by Leigh Deneef, Craufurd D. Goodwin, Ellen Stern McCrate (Editor). 
 +        </​ul>​ 
 +<​p><​a name="​find"></​a><​h2>​Finding Open Positions</​h2>​ 
 +<​ul><​li><​a href="​http://​​eims/">​EIMS</​a>​ 
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​​jobs">​Mathjobs,​ http://​​jobs</​a>​ 
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​​careers/​listings.php">​SIAM</​a>​ and <a href="​http://​">​the new SIAM Job Board</​a>​. 
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​​emp-reg/">​AMS Employment Center</​a>​ 
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​">​Academic Careers</​a>​ 
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​">​University Jobs</​a>​ 
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​">​National Postdoctoral Association,​ http://​</​a>​ 
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​">​College Central Network</​a>​ 
 +<li> <a href="​http://​​hsu/​jobs.html">​SIGMAA on Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education Employment Listings and Job Web Sites</​a>​ 
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​​careers/​careercenter/">​NIH Virtual Career Center</​a></​p>​ 
 +<​p><​li>​California Specific: 
 +        <​ul><​li><​a href="​http://​">​Northern California'​s Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC)</​a>​ 
 +        <​li><​a href="​https://​​jobs/​index.aspx">​California Community College Registry</​a>​ 
 +        <​li><​a href="​http://​">​Craigslist</​a>​ 
 +        <​li><​a href="​http://​">​Lawrence Berkeley National Labs</​a>​ 
 +        <​li><​a href="​http://​">​http://​</​a>​ 
 +        </​ul>​ 
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​">​MonsterTrak,​ http://​</​a>​ 
 +<​p><​a name="​funds"></​a><​h2>​Fellowships and Other Funding Opportunities</​h2>​ 
 +<​ul><​li><​a href="​http://​​acadadv/​ppfp/">​University of California President'​s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program </​a>​ 
 +<​li><​a href="​https://​​jsp/​homepage/​postdoc_fel.jsp">​NSF Postdoctoral Fellowships and Other Programs</​a>,​ Due 3rd Weds in Oct. 
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​​rap/">​Research Associateship Programs Postdoctoral </​a>​ 
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​​index.asp">​Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT) </​a>​ 
 +<​p><​a name="​resources"></​a><​h2>​Academic Resources</​h2>​ 
 +<​li>​UC Davis Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Scholar Resources including:  
 +        <​ul><​li><​a href="​http://​​gps/​gp.htm">​Career Advising &  Career and Professional Development 
 +        <​li><​a href="​http://​​gps/​gp-dos.htm">​Placement File Service</​a>​ 
 +        <​li><​a href="​http://​​gps/​gp-eve-pat.htm">​Pathways Career Symposium</​a>​ 
 +        <​li><​a href="​http://​​gps/​gp.htm">​ Web-based Resources</​a>​ 
 +        <​li>​Career Opportunities Colloquium. 
 +        </​ul>​ 
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​​career-guide">​Science,​ Math, and Engineering Career Resources</​a>​ 
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​">​The Chronicle of Higher Education</​a>​ 
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​">​Science Careers</​a>​ 
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​">​Inside Higher Education</​a>​ 
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​​grads/​acad_careers.php">​Brown Career Development Center</​a>​ 
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​​Tomprof/​index.shtml">​Tomorrow'​s Professor Mailing List</​a>​ 
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​​college#​journal">​Journal of College Science Teaching</​a>​ 
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​​Newsletter/">​Speaking of Teaching: Stanford University'​s Newsletter on Teaching</​a>​ 
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​">​The Young Mathematicians'​ Network</​a>​  
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​​pagre/​network.html">​Networking on the Network: A Guide to Professional Skills for PhD Students</​a>​ by Phil Agre, UCLA 
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​">​Preparing Future Faculty Program</​a>​ 
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​​cs/​academicinter">​About:​Graduate School</​a>​ 
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​">​Successful Academic</​a>​ 
 +<​p><​a name="​undergradinfo"></​a><​h2>​Finding Information about University Programs</​h2>​ 
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​​usnews/​home.htm">​US News World Report</​a>​ 
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​​classifications/">​The Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education</​a>​ 
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​​home.asp">​The Princeton Review</​a>​ 
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​​employment/​undergrad.html">​AMS Undergraduate Mathematics Majors</​a>​ 
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