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 +<​p><​h1>​Tips on Attending Conferences</​h1>​ </​p>​ 
 +<​p>​These are our suggestions for <a href="#​funds">​funding</​a>,​ <a href="#​travel">​arranging travel</​a>,​ and <a href="#​conf">​what to do at the conference</​a>​. 
 +Also, this is a list of our <a href="#​cool">​Conference Highlights</​a>​. </​p>​ 
 +<​p>​But first... Why go? 
 +You are going to this conference to do some of the following things: <P> 
 +a) present your work to the community <P> 
 +b) find out what research is going on the the community<​P>​ 
 +c) meet the people in the community, so that when you apply for jobs with these people they actually know who you are ahead of time</​p>​ 
 +<​p>​FOR more reasons to go, visit <a href="​http://​​story/​2005/​11/​1/​92011/​7441">​The Young Mathematicians Network JMM Page</​a>​.</​p>​ 
 +<​p><​a name="​funds"></​a><​h2>​Funding Sources</​h2></​p>​ 
 +The Conference Itself <br /><br /> 
 +Typically the organizer(s) will mention that they have funding for grad students, postdocs, etc.  You should go for this as soon as you know you are going, since it puts no strain on departmental resources.<​p>​ 
 +Your Advisor <​br/><​br/>​ 
 +Some professors have money earmarked specifically for travel and graduate student conferences so you should always try to help them spend it. Also, you need to be open and up front with your advisor about your interest in attending conferences. This ensures that they now that you are interested in going and they will help you get there.</​li></​p>​ 
 +Departmental Travel Awards<​br /><br /> 
 +Application:​ find the application form at <a href="​http://​​grad/​forms">​http://​​grad/​forms</​a>​ 
 +<​p><​li>​VIGRE Travel Awards<​br /><br /> 
 +Application:​ find the application form at <a href="​http://​​grad/​forms">​http://​​grad/​forms</​a>​ 
 +GSA Travel Awards<​br /><br /> 
 +Application:​ Application period is twice a year. Once in January (for travel  
 +between July of previous year and June of current year) and once in June  
 +(for all travel during current year).<​br /><br /> 
 +Only 30 available for entire grad student population. Very  
 +competitive <P> 
 +Graduate Studies Awards<​br /><br /> 
 +Application available at <a href="​http://​​forms/">​http://​​forms/</​a><​P>​ 
 +Consortium for Women in Research Travel Awards<​br /><br /> 
 +More info and application:​ <a href="​http://​​awards.htm">​http://​​awards.htm</​a></​p>​ 
 +Association for Women in Mathematics Workshops<​br /><br /> 
 +More info and application:​ <a href="​http://​​workshops.html">​http://​​workshops.html</​a></​p>​ 
 +<​p><​a name="​travel"></​a><​h2>​Arranging Travel</​h2></​p>​ 
 +<​p>​(add content here) 
 +<​p><​a name="​conf"></​a><​h2>​Tips for the Conference : what to do once you get there</​h2></​p>​ 
 +  <​li>​Tips on Networking (TBA) 
 +   <​ul>​ 
 +   <​li>​Striking up a conversation</​li>​ 
 +   <​li>​Lunch/​Dinner</​li>​ 
 +   <​li>​Taboo topics</​li>​ 
 +   <​li>​Why "What you do in Vegas, stays in Vegas" does not apply</​li>​ 
 +   </​ul>​ 
 +  <​li>​Job Hunting Tips (TBA)<​p> ​ <​li>​Presentation Tips (TBA) 
 +<​li>​Abstract Submission:​ 
 +<li> Poster Sessions: 
 +<li> Oral Presentations:​ 
 +<​p><​a name="​cool"></​a><​h2>​Conferences Highlights</​h2>​ 
 +If you are a  graduate students who have been to various conferences  
 +sponsored by various organizations,​ then we invite you submit a paragraph about that  
 +conference and the highlights for the location.</​p>​ 
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